i love Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans by Colour

We do Jelly Beans by colour! What a great way to create a promotional gift by using Jelly Beans with only your corporate colours. We offer a wide range of packaging and branding options, providing you with the perfect, fun give-away.

To see some of the occasional themed Jelly Bean stories we have put together go to the
Looking Back Tab and search Jelly Beans. There you will find ideas for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas and much more. Also check out our Retail Range for Jelly Beans under the Brochures Tab and scroll down to 2010 Retail.

Facts for Fun

Jelly beans are a type of confectionery that comes in many different flavors. They are small (the size of a red kidney bean or smaller) and generally have a hard candy shell and gummy interior. The confection is primarily made of sugar.