Counter Top Countermats


Counter Mats are the most effective point of sale advertising available. Our Custom Printed Counter Mats allow every customer to see your ad message every time they make a purchase. Great for retail stores, restaurants, auto parts stores, and beverage promotions. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to meet any budget.

A Counter Mat is precisely what its name implies: a mat found on a display, checkout, or service counter. Only it doesn’t just sit there. It delivers precisely targeted advertising images. Images of your products seen by thousands and thousands of consumers everyday. On a practical level, Convergence Counter Mats provide retailers and wholesalers with a convenient, protective surface on which to show merchandise, take cash, make change, write orders, or complete credit card vouchers.
This is the primary reason for their popularity is that they move a great deal of merchandise, changing a lot of minds about brand decisions, while stimulating countless impulse buys each day. Which gives retailers and wholesalers even more reason to use them. What a great inexpensive corporate gift for mass distribution during launches and promotions

Why Countermats?

Builds brand recognition
Generate impulse sales
Provides a protective surface in high-traffic areas
Optimize the potential for additional buying
All sizes, shapes and base base materials available
Double sides countermats
Magnetic countermats
Write and wipe
Hard surface, durable, popular, colourful – built to last!